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Welcome to the Home of Alternative Capital Raising
We Offer A Wide Range Of Products:
Letters of Credit at Sight
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Standby Letters of Credit
Bank Guarantees
Performance Guarantees
Demand Guarantees
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Comfort Letters
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Our Trade Finance solutions involve the use of our letter of credit and guarantee facilities with numerous institutions. Our letter of credit clients are importers and trading companies worldwide looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to its maximum.

Whether you are an importer, trader, broker, introducer, or consultant, if you have business that you think might interest us, give us a call or write us an email. We would be very happy to speak with you about your transactions. If we aren't the right address, maybe we can point you in the right direction.

For all your Trade Finance needs, fill in the online application form and a personnel shall get back to you within 2 working Days.
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Bank Instrument Funding

Funding through Bank Instruments is ideal for Project Financing, and offers a viable and powerful alternative to Bank Funding/Lending. If you need a financial instrument that can be monetized to Finance your projects, then you have found the right source! We provide everything you need to get your project funded! Bank Instrument Funding has become a valuable tool when banks and conventional funding sources fall short.

Through our affiliate partners we secure bank instrument from the top 25 Bank Instrument Providers. This bank instruments are owned and titles are assign to our lenders. The lender will then assign the bank instrument which is owned to its syndicated group of investors for funding. This is what creates your project financing. We can arrange instruments up to $500 million or more for any commercial or trade related requirement worldwide, and offers several verification and funding options depending on what your transaction requires.

We specialize in financial instruments that can be leased/Owned for up to 1 Year or Longer. The gross amount received from the funding could be, between 40%- 80% of the amount of the instrument depending on several factors. That means that when the instrument cost of (12%) is paid and the providers’ funding fee of (10%) and all other charges are deducted, your net will be around 40%-60% of the face value of the instrument.

In other words (for example) you pay $200K to get $10 million wealth of Bank Instrument and receive a 40%-80% funding of the face value after deductions of all fees and charges as Non-Recourse. The process can be repeated if you need a larger amount.

• Program Overview
The power of this transaction is in its simplicity and the way in which the program provider has pre-structured and pre-negotiated the outcome for clients. Essentially all we are doing is purchasing a Bank Guarantee from a Top 25 World Bank at 14% (12+2.5) of its value and delivering it to a highly reputable and proven funder who is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and whom immediately pays us up to 50% of its value. The resulting profit margin in the middle eg. (50% - 14.5%) = 35.5% is the Result we share with the Client…. YOU! This same process happens in Real Estate all the time….


You Buy a House at a Short Sale for $140K

The True Value of the House is $1 Million Dollars

You then Immediately Sell the House for $500K

Making a Profit of $360K ($500K - $140K)

The net result in the above Real Estate Transaction is a Profit of $360,000, which you are not required to repay to any one

All Parties in the transaction benefited: The Short Sale Property Sold, the Buyer who bought the 1 Million Dollar Property from you at $500K is happy, and you walk away with a $360,000 Cash Profit to use however you like.

The Bank Guarantee Funding Transaction also follows exactly the same process. But instead of using a House as the asset, we use a Top 25 World Bank Security Certificate called a Bank Guarantee.

Private Equity and Debt Offerings

We have established working relationships with key sources that enable us to now offer very affordable alternative financing options for strong projects that can't find the right lending source that can work with them if they are lacking the kind of 'skin" in the deal that Banks want. Our sources can get these projects financed with just 3 to 4% of the loan amount sought.
And for Commercial Acquisitions we can achieve the same exact thing. We do not work with "Conventional" funding sources at all. If you have perfect credit and 20 to 30% cash to put down on your transaction, then you don't need us. We are here to work with those that don't have the 20 to 30% nor the excellent credit either, but have Solid and Profitable deals that need a little push to complete them.

Doctors or Dentists looking to build a new larger clinic, Small Businesses, Startups, Charities and other Professional Organizations like Universities all have one need. They all need a source of financing to see their vision unfold. They may have a great vision yet they lack the funds to build it. Often they have some money but not enough.

When they go to a bank they fill out a lot of paperwork and then they wait while the risk is weighed. Unless you have 25 to 35% down the chances of getting rejected are pretty good. Working together, with you, we, at DIONS CAPITAL PARTNERS, may be able to find the right Alternative Financing for you.

Whatever your project is, whether it is building a Resort, a Condominium, a Hospital or a Shopping Mall, contact us. This program offers a developer or business owner a fast and inexpensive way to get affordable financing. We want to work with seasoned developers and entrepreneurs with solid and viable projects around the world, starting at $10M USD and up to $1B USD.

DIONS GROUPE or its Subsidiary DIONS CAPITAL PARTNERS LTD is not a funder (however, we do invest our own funds in smaller projects as Business Angels and Private Equity Investors). Our funds come from established Alternative Capital Raising Programs. We work directly with the Funders to deliver these funding programs to you. Our greatest asset is the trusted relationship that we have developed with these Funders as their Gate-Keepers. To start the process, please complete our online project submission form . We will get back to you within a few days and let you know whether your project qualifies for any of our funding programs.

Please do not expect your project to be funded within a few short weeks or months. In the normal banking world, a $10M capital raising exercise may take up to a years or more with no guarantee of success. So come to us with a conservative expectation and then be prepared to be surprised. Please ensure that your project remain viable and the business remain solvent during the funding process. Allow between 6 to 12 months to give yourself some breathing space in case of delays and unexpected events.

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Who we are
The Operations of “DIONS” began back on October 9th 2006 as a DIONS BUSINESS SERVICES, a Single Service Company registered to provide General Business Consultancy and Services, After Nine years of existence, “DIONS” have developed and grown and has been restructured into a Group of Companies currently with four well established subsidiaries.
DIONS GROUPE LIMITED (DGL) is a fully owned Ghanaian Holding Company duly registered to Hold, Manage and Finance the operations of all Four Subsidiary companies of the group.

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